RULE # 1 Speak English.

RULE # 2 Don't be rude.

RULE # 3 Respect others.

RULE # 4 Don't flood in the play zone.

RULE # 5 Make sure you are older than 16.

RULE # 6 Make yourself comfortable.

t h e . s i g n . u p s

1. You may sign up with any name you like, but once you've been accepted, we change it to the name of your character.
2. There is no limit to the amount of characters you can have, as long as they are all active. If we think there are too many Gryffindor students, or too many purebloods, we might put a ban on them.
3. When making your character, do not copy from wiki or any other source.
4. You must fill out an application for your character and you must be accepted by an administrator before posting in-character; the Flood zone is open to all accepted/unaccepted members.

a p p l i c a t i o n s

1. Outline the general personality of your character, including flaws and any quirks that make your character unique.
2. If you submit a Mary Sue type persona you will not get accepted until you ensure that your character is not annoyingly perfect.
3. We will not be accepting OCs that are related to canons. Example: Voldemort will not have a child, Hermione doesn't have a sister, and Harry doesn't have a long lost cousin.
4. On applying, please post your application within a week tops of registering.
5. Please fill out the application carefully and do not change the code.
6. If your English level is not good enough don't be afraid to ask for help.

b a n n e r s . a v a t a r s

1. Please have a 180x180 avatar and a signature of your choice, as long as it does not exceed a width of 500 pixels and 150 in height. If you have any larger than this, they will be removed for you, no warning.
2. Your face claim must be a real person. We don't care if it's a model, actor, or whatever, but we will not be accepting drawings or cartoons of any kind.
3. Did you have someone else make your graphics? Credit them.

t h e . p o s t s

1. Write in the third person past tense only in order to make it easier for everyone to read.
2. No godmodding. It's not fun when people control your character, don't do it to theirs.
3. We ask you post at least 100 words, and we'd love it if you posted more. And we understand typos and grammar errors happen. But let's try and keep our posts readable. If you need help don't be afraid to ask for it.
4. In the initial post of your episode state the date and time that the episode will take place in at the top right corner. This makes it easier to follow plots and make continuation episodes.