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The 3rd generation, the year 2022, autumn. This is NC-17 rated game with episodical system.
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It's the most wonderful time of the year

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Christen Thomas & Madison Wood
Time: 16 october 2022, morning
Location: Hogsmeade
Description: Nobody expected the strong snow in the middle of october, but at the beginning of new week he shrouded everything around. So of course, that many of senior students went to the Hogsmeade instead of going to classes. Christen and Madison weren't an exception.

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Christen was ready to pray that wizard who decided to experiment with changing weather. Snow is fun, Winter is Christmas which is fun too. Also because of snow there were some changes in timetable and there were no interesting lessons so Chris decided to skip Transfiguration too and go to Hogsmeade instead. Snow Hogsmeade is always beautiful, even if it's decorated for Halloween and not for Christmas. Huh, that's funny.

So Chris asked some friends on breakfast and agreed to meet fellow gryffindor Madison at Hogsmeade in few minutes. Chris wrapped her warm red and gold scarf around her neck, put her warmest robe on and left the castle. Transfiguration professor almost saw her then she walked through hall right before Transfiguration lesson but she hid behind a pillar and left unnoticed. On her way to Hogsmeade Chris threw a couple of snowballs at one crow. This crow was eating the pumpkins grown for Halloween, that was mean of it. Also Chris thought that crows are not supposed to eat pumpkins at all. Huh, that's funny. It's really funny day.

Chris almost got to Hogsmeade when she saw another gryffindor scarf and ran to girl who wore it.

'Hey, Wood! How you doing? You know, I passed all those pumpkins and I wonder if there will be snow on Halloween because then it'll be like in that muggle cartoon... what was its name? Don't you know?', she asked. Well, even if Madison was pureblood she might know, right?

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   Today Maddy was happy. I would even say - very happy. Not because Herbology was cancelled (professor urgently had to hide some plants), and not because she decided to skip next lessons. No. Today snow fell out. The snow was everywhere. He covered all roofs, all roads and monuments. He was slowly falling to the ground and enchanting with his dance in the wind. When Madison saw the landscape outside the window, she dressed up with great speed, wrapped herself in a scarf with the symvols of gryffindor and went outside.
   Fresh air blew into her nostrils. For a second, Wood close her eyes and just inhaled the full lungs.
- That's would be awesome. - whispered she.
   When Madison was crossing the area in front of the central entrance, she noted to herself that pumpkins in the snow was looking very weird. And then she remembered the muggle cartoon, that she loved to watch with her sister - Nightmare before the Christmas. That was the old cartoon, but even in our time, he was looking perfect.
   Madison was next to Hogsmeade , when someone called her. That was her friend and also partner of quidditch team - Christen.
- Hi! - Maddy gave Chris a sunny smile. - Swear, i saw the pumpkins sneezed under the snow. - it was true. - Oh, yeah, i know this cartoon. Nightmare before the Christmas. One of my favorite muggle cartoons. And you right. It's very looks like.
  The girls slowly went to the village.
- So, how you doing? - Maddy asked. - Do you know when the next training will be?



'Yes, Nightmare before the Christmas, right. I should watch it again on Christmas holidays. Muggle artists who created those weird characters are geniuses', - Chris said smiling at Madison. She shrugged when she heard Maddy's question.

'I don't know, I'm not a team captain. I think if there will still be snow next game may be cancelled so it would be pointless to go practice. Also my broom doesn't like cold. If i was a captain there would not be quidditch practice unless it gets warmer', - Chris touched her nose and found out that it was cold as ice. She didn't like cold because her ancestors were mostly from south countries and she felt perfect at summer and always was ill at winter. Okay, snow is pretty great but cold is not great at all.

'You know what? - Chris asked walking up the main street and smiling at wizards and witches they met; - There should be not many people at "Three Broomsticks" now. Why don't we go there and find out if that new butterbeer sort is really good? Cuz it must be good since they published an article about it in Prophet', - Chris suggested pointing at "The Three Broomsticks" entrance with her hand.



- I totally agree with you. - Madison nodded. - But, i always watch this cartoon for Halloween. Cuz main character - still Halloween hero, so i watch this movie and charging up and christmas and halloween mood. - Maddy wondered if she had recorded the movie on her tablet or not.
- Your truth. But.... Slytherin team does not know tired. It's unlikely that they will cancel training because of the snow. - shrugged Madison.
   That was true. Slytherin team like always has a best equipment and a very strong players. They offen training, and to be honest, in this year they got a very good seeker. And Maddy was afraid of him. She scared, that he will be more helpfool for his team, than Maddy to gryffindors. But she was silent and didn't tell anyone about her fears.
   Sometimes in the night, Madison escaped from bedroom and going to the stadium. She training with the snitch, that father gave her. But even additional training didn't inspire Maddy optimism.
- But my broom doesn't like cold too. - she smiled. - Unlike me.
- Oh. That's a wonderfool idea! - Maddy loved The Three Broomsticks" and their beer. Even he wasn't spirituous. - but i also love their soda with cherry syrup. She just awesome, have you tried?
   When girls entered the pub, they noted that there were several people in the hall. Maddy choose a cozy table near the window and headed for him, pulling her friend along.



'Ho-o-ow can you watch it for Halloween if we are in Hogwarts for Halloween and we can't watch muggle films or cartoons in magic castle? You sneak out to muggle world on the scariest night of the year? Will you take me with you this year? Ple-e-ease?', - Chris really wanted some good adventure for Halloween because usually everyone just ate a lot at Halloween feast and didn't want to go anywhere after dinner. She shrugged again then Maddy said about Slytherins. Okay, their beaters, some girl and Julie's brother, were total d... well, bad people, and if next game is with slytherins, gryffindors need to practice.

'Hey, slytherins are slytherins, true slytherin will not play if weather is bad but find a way to switch games so we play with Hufflepuff instead', Chris said, not sure that she's right about what true slytherin would do. But she didn't think Maddy got Slytherin conception right either.

'Cherry something you said? No, is that some girl drink? sounds girlish. I'm hanging out there with guys most of the time, and guys are always for butterbeer or firewhiskey. You are seventh year, right? So you can buy firewhiskey already. But good firewhiskey is expensive so better take your cherry thing and I'm for butterbeer, classic', Chris smiled friendly and went to bar and then returned to their table with butterbeer.

'Anyway, you're seventh year, right? Who you're gonna be after school?', Chris asked. She coudn't imagine what path normal people can chose if not Quidditch'

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- No... I'm... not...- Madison was confused. Then she spoke more quietly. - I just brought to school a muggle tablet with loved cartoons and films. But I'll be happy if you join me and see The Nightmare Before Christmas with me. - the smile returned to her face again.
- Maybe, maybe... - Maddy said thoughtfully. - But what if they not? What if they will be training, when we are drink beer and sit on the our fifth points. - the girl fell silent. - You think i'm crazy? It's all just... - she looked down at her hands, lying on the table. because of new seeker in the slytherin team. - now, when she said this, she understood, how foolish she was. - sorry, i didn't want to load you with my problems.
- Yeah, cherry something! Girlish Drink! - she smiled - But it's a real good thing, and you'll know this, if you try! But i'm not insist. - when Christen went to the bar, Maddy watched her go. She thought, that her friend hardly change her mind and will buy to herself a soda with cherry syrup. And she was right, but she couldn't blame her.
- Thank you very much - she thanked the girl. - About your qestion... To be honest, i don't know... It's a difficult to me. On the one hand, I want to be a professional Quidditch player, like my father was. But on the second... I'm not so good, that I was called into any team. So i don't know. And the closer to the examinations, there are more doubts about me. - Maddy looked at her friend. - What about you? Already decided on the future profession?

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'Muggle thing that works in Hogwarts? Is that possible? Because when I asked prefect on my first year he said muggle things like that don't work there. Because there is no electricity and also it simply can't work in places where magic is used. That's why there are no TVs in wizard homes. But you know that, right? Whatever', - Chris smiled feeling like some ravenclaw nerd. She shrugged again when Wood said again about practising and slytherins, - 'Come on, we're better than those green guys. You're really good, don't worry. Also, for example, if they go practise today they'll catch cold and will be unable to play. They are smart enough to not to do that so they will not practise more than we will'.

Chris silenced for some time - to drink some butterbeer and to give Maddy an opportunity to say something.

'You know, you don't need high NEWTs to be quidditch player, and, again, you better then you think, - she said finally, - Yeah, I'm gonna be beater in some team, and then Julie joins me and it's gonna be the best team ever. And maybe in some years we transfer to even better team which will be the very best team ever! Or maybe create a brand new team... I'll send an owl to you if we will ever create that team. I think that's really interesting idea but I don't have any ideas of the team name and that's a problem...', - there Chris understood that she's talking a lot again and shut up.


You are here » IMPERIO » personal episodes » It's the most wonderful time of the year

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