Alexandra Daddario

Madison Wood, 18▼
House and Year:
Gryffindor, 7
Magical stuff:
Wand: Spruce, Dragon, 11.
Fast Broomstick, pendant in the form of a golden snitch with an appearing inscription "with love from Dad"


1. Parents of Madison is Oliver Wood and Variannah Harper. Currently Oliver is coach for Puddlemere United's team. He was a very successful player in quidditch and eventually was promoted to head coach. Variannah was journalist in Daily Prophet, but when she married has become a housewife.
2. Maddy has a little brother Ryan and twin-sister Kimberly. She has a good relationship with her family and especially with her twin-sister. Since childhood sisters has a special bond. They perfectly understand each other and read each other's thoughts. They spend a lot of time together. Sisters are always ready to intercede for  each other.
3. Throughout her life, Maddy admired her father and dreamed of playing quidditch. Being still very young, she tried to learn how to fly a broomstick on her own with her sister Kim (She loved flying as much as Maddie).
4. Like all, Maddy and Kim at the age of 11 got letters from Hogwarts. To say that they were very happy - mean to say nothing. The sorting hat distributed Madison on Gryffindor. That was a big surprise for her, cuz she always thinking, that she will go on Hufflepuff. Why? Because she is timid and shy enough. And her internal flame and excitement appear only on quidditch field. She always thinking, that she doesn't brave and strong enough to Gryffindor.
5. In Hogwarts her love of quidditch was getting bigger. She tried to get into the team, but it happened only in the second year of education. She become a chasers, but in the next year she became a seeker, like she always wanted. Not to say that she played perfectly, but she tried very hard.
6. The support of Kim was very had a great influence on Maddy. Without sister, Madison unlikely got into the team.
7. Favorite subjects in Hogwarts: care of magical creatures, astronomy, potions, herbology and of course flying.
8. Maddie is very domestic person. She loves gatherings near the fireplace with a warm blanket, hot cocoa and a good book.
9. Like many girls, Maddy is not bad at school. She is good pupil, getting "Outstanding" only on objects that she really likes.
10. Her animal companion is a black fluffy cat. Breed: siberian cat.  It's a girl. Her name is Lori. She has a beautiful long black hair and big green eyes. She does not like strangers and very jealous of Maddie.
11. Madison loves Christmas and New Year. Winter at Hogwarts is her favorite season. She does not miss a single opportunity to walk to Hogsmeade and buy sweets there.
12. The case with Dan O’Rayley scared the girl. Albeit they were not friends, Maddie sympathetic guy.
13. Despite the fact that Madison has almost finished school, she has not yet decided with her future profession.
14. Maddy is kind, friendly, conscientious, she's a good friend and very much appreciated the frankness in people. Most of all, she does not like lies and betrayal. She gets along well with animals.
15. Madison does not approve of hostility between faculties. She has many friends from different faculties.


English level:
I studied english in school and university, but didn't really success, also i periodically try to learn language by myself.

Cuz i'm very love this language and hope, that maybe in game form i will learn it.