Mathew Deddarion

House and Year:
Slytherin 7th year
Magical Strength:
Good Quidditch player, currently Beater for the Slytherin team.
Passionate about potions, especially poisons.
Good with offensive spells again dark creatures, especially Boggarts.
Magical Weakness:
Not very good with Charms and doesn't believe in Divination.
Gets bored really fast and can't study Ancient Runes.
Has a distaste for Muggleborns so he doesn't think very high of Muggle Studies.
Magical stuff:
Wand: Aspen wood, 12", Horned Serpent Horn core
A magical chess board and a Firebolt


Martin is the only son of the famous Quidditch player Markus Flint, the legend of Ballycastle Bats. Now his father is an important figure in the Ministry of International Confederation of Wizards Quidditch Committee, also known as ICWQC. His mother, Katie Bell, former Quidditch player who finished her career too early due to missing for too long from the Quidditch scene, now works for a sports magazine she had created herself, named The Hoopler.

He has a sister, named Julie Flint, who is two years younger. The two don't always get along very well because they have different personalities. The difference between the two was later accentuated by the fact that they were sorted in different houses. On the Quidditch field, Martin makes no difference between his sister and other players and he would gladly knock her out with a Bludger.

Martin doesn't believe in friends or people's honesty. As a young child he was taciturn and apprehensive every time he had to meet somebody. His parents thought that would change in time, but it didn't. In fact, as he grew older, he spent more and more time alone. Only at six years old he managed to make a good friend. Ryan McPharen, a muggle, was the only boy Martin accepted. He thought they would be together forever or at least for a long time. But just three years later, Ryan's family moved to Northern Scotland.

He likes animals, especially those that hunt alone. For years he tried to convince his parents to get him a hawk but without much success. Of course, as he grew up he came to understand that owning a haws was forbidden in the United Kingdom. His admiration for hawks came one day as he saw one gliding on the blue sky, alone and free. As a child, Martin used to go to a neighboring forest to take walks. Often he would watch squirrels and would look for hedgehogs for hours. In the end his parents bought him a black and brown owl called Meron.

Martin wasn't always in love with Quidditch. In fact he used to hate the idea of playing the game. Being part of a team, having to communicate and cooperate with other people was too much for him. He never really knew what he wanted to do in the future but Quidditch was definitely not on the list of possibilities. But how could he avoid the game when both parents were great players and Quidditch was the only thing his sister ever played. In the second year, his father came to Hogwarts personally to enroll him in the Slytherin team. Even now, some people say you can feel resentment in Martin's playing style. Resentment for all the possibilities that were taken away from him.

Opportunities weren't the only things Martin had to sacrifice on the altar of Quidditch. Sarah Hearthorn was another victim that had to fall for the ambition of a father. Sarah was the daughter of a smaller wizarding family. They did not possess the prestige or the wealth of the Flints, but they were a respected family nonetheless. Martin met Sarah when he was taking a walk at the edge of a forest and have been very good friends for many years. He secretly hoped they could be a bit more, a secret that everybody actually knew. As he grew older, his father required Martin to spend increasingly more time playing Quidditch. In the end Sarah got tired of always waiting for Martin and started going out with a guy from Ravenclaw. Martin never got the chance to confess his feelings. He locked his heart and threw away the key so nobody could get too close again.

One passion was left to Martin though, untouched and unpolluted by anybody. The study of Legilimency and Occlumency woke a strong passion in him. As a young boy, Martin would often read about the Battle of Hogwarts and the role Severus Snape played in it. It is from Snape that Martin discovered the two ancient magical arts. He was fascinated by the idea of penetrating and manipulating other people's thoughts and emotions. He read how Voldemort used Legilimency to manipulate Potter, which led to Sirius' death. He understood the power of  such an art and its dangers. When he went to Hogwarts he decided to lose no time in studying them. But since most books were in the Forbidden Section, he had to wait and make a name for himself as a Quidditch player. Access to the Forbidden Section was the only advantage Quidditch ever gave him.


Martin is cynical, introverted and aloof as a result of his younger years. Extremely violent on the Quidditch field, Martin is not afraid to break bones and crack skulls with his Bludger. Soon he was considered one of the most aggressive players in the history of the Slytherin team. This gave the Slytherin a psychological advantage as the other teams entered the field afraid and demoralized. Griffindor was the only exemption because they had Julie Flint to oppose her brother. Martin is also quite and prefers to spend his time reading or playing chess by himself when he can't find somebody to play with. He also spends a lot of time meditating at the edge of the Dark Forest.


English level:
I've been learning English for over 10 years in school and then for 3 years as a major in university. I'm also an English teacher so my level is pretty good.

This is my first FRPG and the idea sounds very interesting to me.