cierra ramirez

House and Year:
Gryffindor, 6-th year
Magical Strength:
Flying, curses, improvisation in potions
Magical Weakness:
Knows nothing about wizard history, society etc. because that’s boring. Can't follow instructions for potions.
Magical stuff:
Wand:Cedar wand with a phoenix feather for a core, a little longer than 12 inches
The newest Nimbus broomstick; a bat; a little mirror that works like skype (like the one Sirius gave Harry) to talk to parents; wizard chess set; a big box with various magic jokes


- Was born at fifteenth of August sixteen years ago in Thomas family.
- Said her first word “fly” being eleven months old.
- Blew up a birthday cake on the third birthday because there was a blueberry on its top(she thought then and thinks now that blueberries are not tasty at all). This was definitely a magic outburst so parents found out that their daughter is not a squib.
- Started playing with muggle children because there were no wizard kids in the neighborhood.
- Learned how to read and write from parents. Then they gave her some books so she could get base education because the only school in the neighborhood was muggle and lame and they couldn’t afford hiring teachers for a normal home education. But did they really think that she will be reading books instead of playing with friends? Oh, poor silly parents…
- Went to Hogwarts, got sorted into Gryffindor House.
- Joined Quidditch team on the second year.
- Chose Magical Creatures and Runes on her third year.
- Passed most of OWL’s with average scores, failed Potions, but was one of the best in class in DADA and Charms.


(I decided to combine some parts of Biography and Personality because history does influence personality and each character’s quality directly comes from biography. Hope that’s okay)

Chris was born in August around sixteen years ago; she is the only daughter of British half-blood wizard Mr Thomas and American half-blood wizard Mrs Thomas. She loves her parents very much and even if sometimes they are wrong and irritating, they are the best parents in the world. She didn’t understand this before, but now she’s big and smart and knows how much mum and dad are doing for her. Chris has British, African, Latin-American, Mexican and maybe some other descent. Such mixed people are not usual in the United Kingdom so she was bullied in her first year at Hogwarts, but then dad showed her some nasty curses and bullies had to find a new victim. In the second grade she even became a bully herself and mocked one Ravenclaw girl with a bunch of friends, but soon enough she understood that it’s not the right thing to do for a Gryffindor and apologized. She really wants to be a true Gryffindor because she believes that Gryffindor values and priorities are just right and being a true Gryffindor means being a good person. She listens to her heart and does what it tells her to do.

Of course Chris loves Quidditch. She enjoys flying, feeling free, knocking people off their brooms by sending bludgers to them. She broke over a hundred toy broomsticks in her childhood, joined Gryffindor Quidditch team on her second year, played as Seeker for some time, but then she took bat in her hand and understood that it’s her destiny. In several years she befriended all Hogwarts Bludgers, so everyone considers her a Bludger too and calls her accordingly. Chris doesn’t object because after all she is Bludger in some way. She is looking forward to graduation. While most of her classmates still trying to find their path in life Chris already knows that she will be professional Quidditch player. Then her friend Julie joins her in some Quidditch team, and life will be totally awesome.

Chris has some friends, mostly boys, because girls are boring. She has a couple of buddies in her class since freshmen year, but her closest friends are guys from Quidditch team. She believes that nothing creates really strong friendship like sports. Chris thinks that she and Julie have a lot in common and cherishes their friendship. They become closer every year, and that’s wonderful. Not so wonderful are her relationships with boys lately. She begins to understand that they are boys and she’s a girl, pretty girl, so they can’t be just friends anymore. Chris thinks that almost all of her male friends are in love with her and that frightens her. Well, she is kinda in love too, but her one and only love is beautiful and unreachable. It’s that hot DADA professor, who has that marvelous moustache. He looks a little gay, but that doesn’t matter because for some reason Chris is very shy around him and thinks that she will not talk to him ever.

Chris thinks that all House and blood purity stereotypes are stupid, mostly because she doesn’t know their history (history is boring). She can talk friendly to or reasonably hate slytherins and hufflepuffs, pure bloods and muggleborns. She is quite fond of muggle culture – goes to cinema on holidays, reads some muggle books when she has nothing else to do, convinced parents to buy her a mobile phone and headphones. When she was a child she spend a lot of time with her non-wizard neighbors and watched over a thousand football games with dad.

What else? Oh, she likes fruits and vegetables and is going to be vegetarian. Maybe. Also she is a little ailurophobic (fears cats). Cats are scary and gross. There are a lot of cats in the Hogwarts so it’s funny to look at her face while walking around the castle. Loves listening to music, singing and dancing. Becomes romantic in spring. Loves playing jokes on everyone, breaking rules and other not boring things. Doesn’t love then someone plays jokes on her and has collection of curses for this case. Wants to be feared but in the same time loved.


English level:
I study English for 10 years but I don't think that matters something. Oh, I did some tests long ago and don’t remember result. Well, I read books like Harry Potter, and English classics (but not Shakespeare, Shakespeare is still hard), I watch films and series on English, so I understand English pretty well, but don’t communicate on English myself much

I wanna try to roleplay on English and I’m scared to play on English forums, so I think I can try there and find out if I know English good enough

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