Rupert Nightingale, 51 [March 29 1971]▼
Bloodline: Halfblood
House and Year: Ravenclaw'89
Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts by Rupert
Magical stuff:
Wand: Phoenix, yew, 12'
A huge collection of books, many (DOZENS) poisons and psychotropic potions. Sometimes buys some magic trinkets, but then sells them.


1. Mother: pureblood (in the 2-nd generation) housekeeper, neutral, blind and very clever by her nature. She was always interested in the magical medicine and Eastern European magic (also medicine, Dark Arts and theory of alchemy). Father: halfblood (both parents were halfblood) scientist and writer, who studied poisons and everything related to this field. The family was always neutral to all kinds of magic. Parental position was (by the way, his family is still alive): "Any kind of magic still is magic. If it exists, we can't deny it. And we shouldn't. Nobody should". Rupert had the same opinion. In the past, in the present and may be nothing will change it in the future. He is a person, who believes in Law. Right Law prevents everything. Wrong Law provides wars.
2. He was a brilliant student, Ravenclaw. Brilliant, but a bit (no) oddish. Quiet, non-conflict, weird and always keeping rules. He read everything that was in the school library. His comrades mostly were from Hufflepuff, some from Gryffindor, one or two from Slytherin. Muggle-born, half-blood, pure-blood: he was quite neutral and interested in studying all ways of life that he saw. But only one or two of those people were his real friends. He preferred to study and not to spend his time with people, even with girls (well, that was the best way with... his peculiar reputation).
3. Rupert always hated animals, especially magic ones. If they can't produce any kind of poison or psychotropic substances, he will never be interested (especially in communication) with those creatures. The same about Quidditch: Rupert hates it. Only Ghoul Studies is an exception, because it directly correlates with Dark Arts, Fights and basic potions.
4. During the War he was one of those young aurors, who maintained public order and defended the Ministry during all dark and unstable events.
5. After the War he continued his career. Till 2002 Nightingale scraped forests from magical creatures, escaped dark wizards and so on. But after that he moved to Europe, where he traveled a lot and did the same job. There he saw many interesting things. New ways of life, new people's stories and of course new types of magic. He studied many dark tings there and understood even more. About the role of Dark Arts, necessity of limited freedom, control and Law. Once again, the rule of law. It's much more important than personality or emotions.
6. Rupert wrote two books. One about positive aftereffects of poisons and the second one about mixing of muggle and magical potions. He's working on his third book. This time about European ways and strategies in duels. Incidentally, he was invited to teach students in Hogwarts. That should describe him as well.
7. The man doesn't like potions, he hasn't any talent on it. But he can make some good poisoned or psychotropic potions. Nightingale continued parental studdings as a hobby, so he knows this field not only in magical, but also in muggle aspects. The man is a huge fan of one strange muggles phenomenon: their ways to kill each other. They are  absolutely crazy about that! The same as Rupert. 
8. He hates not only animals, but also kids. Well... yes, he's a teacher. That's because he likes to teach others (and has sort of talent, to be honest) and to share his experience, his understandings of magic. And yes, Rupert is a fan of this process. 
9. Nightingale is austere. Really austere. Even if Nightingale sounds peaceful, friendly, harmless, frivolous, even if he behaves in a strange manner - that means nothing. N-o-t-h-i-n-g. As a teacher he demands a lot from his students, gives a lot of homework and strongly suppresses even the slightest violation of rules (sadly, but tortures are prohibited). Often takes points. So, it is really hard to do nothing and be noisy during his lessons. By the way, he deducts points with a 146% charming smile. Rupert respects those who study hard. Surprisingly, he still can and he still is an interesting entertaining storyteller. His lessons are quite attractive. Not only because of his bizarre behavior.
10. Ok, well, right, he... well, he loves cats and all its variety. Marlin, if somebody doesn't love cats - he\she will love them otherwise that will mean a cold war. Really, really cold war. Silent and with a known winner. Just kidding .
11. Rupert is a fan of duels and any kind of fights. You should never mess with him. He has more than twenty years of experience and a little bit (no) of madness. Better ask him to teach you: after his lessons you'll become a good fighter (two steps to a real warrior!).
12. Nobody knows what happens inside of his head. Motivation, emotions, goals - only deep-deep misty dark forest. For example, he has a lot of tattoos. Some of them are made for protection, some are only symbolic, some are a part of magic combinations (he studied Western European and American practices - tattoos is a part of them). He also smokes (everything, that could be smoked). 
13. He often looks weird, sometimes silly, as if he is drunk or on some psycho-potions (who knows, by the way?). But here is one unexplainable fact: nobody likes to watch into his eyes. They are... dark, hollow, strange, have something frightening inside them. It is really difficult to look into his eyes for a long. Even for colleagues. Maybe that's because of his madness, maybe because of potions, maybe because he saw the War and a lot of suffering. Maybe because of his life-long-depression and being always upside down. You don't need to know about all of his strange, controversial and sometimes more than dangerous experiments that never stop. Nightingale never stops his own self-education.
14. He had a wife... once. Forever ago. But she had left him. Well, she had her reasons for that.
15. Never say that you know him, because you don't. The simplest things are the most complicated ones, especially if they are... humans. The eyes can deceive, the opinion may be erroneous.


Age: 23
English level:

No fucking reason.

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