charlie hunnam

House and Year:
Griffindor of 2007
Magical Strength:
Has exceptional skills in battle magic, strategist and highly military skilled auror. Transfiguration expert and is a registered animagus. Does not have to use words when casting spells.

Magical Weakness:
Bad at potions and herbology. Is a bad mixologist. Always relies on his magic skills rather than any additional elements. Hates that sorcery requires using a wand.

Magical stuff:
Wand: Ebony wood, Horned Serpent horn, 13".


Born on April 10th 1990 in Chicago, Illinois. As a pureblood american wizard, he has been aware of his magical ancestry from a young age and been profoundly grateful and proud of his family heritage. His great grandfather has emigrated from England with his family of five in the early XX century and since then the Ford bloodline became one of the most respected families of wizards on the east coast. His father had three children with Eliot being the eldest, having a sister and a baby-brother. His mother also had a daughter from a previous marriage who had past away to an illness when Eliot was six.
Being raised in USA among very conservative yet open-minded people, Eliot learned the feeling of superiority to non-wizard humans, but in a way to protect rather than strip them from their dignity. Being obnoxiously overbored with this supremacy has been always punished by his parents for all of their children and no misogyny that thrived upon Great Britain was allowed among Ford family.
Nevertheless, purity of blood still remained a thing. It was highly believed that washing it up with people who could not use magic would terribly affect future generation's skills in sorcery and has always been a strict no in any circumstances.
When Eliot was fifteen, his family returned to the motherland after his grandparents had tragically passed away. He switched from Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to Hogwarts. Already in England his mother gave birth to his sister and three years later to his younger brother.
Eliot was not aware of the exact reasons of emigration back to UK, but suspected that things were not going their way. His father became harsh and paranoid, his mother was loosing her beauty rapidly. The grown-ups were extremely stressed out but he never quite understood why. They refused to tell him and everything he's done to figure it out on his own faced with stone-cold wall of disregard.
His student years in Hogwarts were not that eventful. He played in Quidditch team as a chaser, had a lot of fun outside the school and had quite a reputation for being a mysterious bad boy from USA. He had his american accent which added him this cowboy charm regardless the fact he was raised nowhere near southern states, but apparently it didn't matter. He got himself in fights where he was never afraid to use his actual fists and one time nearly got expelled for winning an argument with his elbow. Frankly, none of the teachers liked him, but he wasn't there to impress them.
In classes he only ever took an interest in studies that called to him and mastered the skills to his likes.
After graduating Hogwarts he applied to the Auror duty and after he passed the tests, began his active service. It was not exactly what every young man had dreamed of, but it was close, and when his father passed away when Eliot was 25, he found himself being the provider for the family. He had flings and long-term relationships but never got married except to his job, completely forgetting that his involvement in his siblings' lives was not just to bring them money.
When his mother died in a fire with his brother inside, it was a wake-up call. His sister have been in Hogwarts at the time and therefore remained the only family member he had left. Eliot swore to protect her and from that moment never left her side: he visited her in school using his Auror status, he took her in on every holiday, he tried his best to be there for her. He attended every parent-teacher conference, donated considerable amount of time and money to her education, vouched for her and gave her hell when she was messing up. He became not only a brother, but a father, a friend and a counselor for his little sister.
Now, when she's almost a grown-up woman, in her finishing school years, Eliot still keeps an eye on her, even though she does't realize how much he's doing for her yet. When the rumors of suspicious events occurring in Hogwarts flew to the Aurors, he asked for permission to infiltrate the institution and teach a class there. He had a nasty feeling something bad is going to happen and he was not up to let it to involve his little sister in it.


Eliot is genuinely a good person. He can be rough and cranky, but he always stands for what's right in his mind and it will never change. He has no prejudices regarding using any kind of magic, he's a skilled battle mage and is not afraid to show or use force. He is naturally prone to violence, though never applies it at random. He can be charming and mischievous as well, but when it comes down to the protection of his sister, he will never hold back. He fears for her safety and can kill or die to make sure she's okay.

PS. Drinks and smokes.


Adult. (:
English level:

Because it's great. I've been trying to gather people for all-english episode for years and it never held up and here people are aiming specifically to play in English, so why the hell would I be anywhere else?

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