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Bloodline: pureblood
House and Year: Slytherin'7
Magical Strength: Deirdre likes Charms, likes creating new spells. Thanks to her mother she loves Study of Ancient Rune. She's dealing with Transfiguration and Defense, but she could do better. Deirdre apparates quietly.
She is beater in the Slytherin team, a sports star.
Magical Weakness: she couldn't learn anything from Potions and Herbology, but she continues to go to class on potions. Hates Astronomy, makes too many mistakes in the calculation.
Magical stuff: wand: cherry and phoenix, 9'6 inch, very flexible. A pendant, given to Deirdre by her late mother: the pendant gets warm, when Deirdre is in danger.


Family: father - Graham Montague (45 y.o.), a chaser in «Tutshill Tornados» since 1999; mother - Gerta Olsen (38 y.o.), a Dane, runologist; uncle - Grantham Montague (56 y.o.), cousin - Gregory Montague (22 y.o.).
Residence: Dorset, on England's south coast, house by the sea.
• When Graham Montague became powerful player in «Tutshill Tornados», the younger part of the Montague's family was enhanced. Gerta's father was happy to marry his only daughter to the famous player (in 2003) and this marriage improved Montague's position in English society.
• After two years a girl was born. By a tragic accident, Gerta couldn't have any children, and Deridre was the sole heir of her family. Since then, the oldest part of the Montague's family (Grantham and his son) wants to take away what's her.
• In general, Deirdre was raised by her father. He treated her like a son therefore Deirdre acquired masculinity. Since childhood she loved sport more than dresses, balls and so on. She got interested to Study of Ancient Rune and Danish from mother only.
• In her 1st year the Sorting Hat sent Deirdre to study to Slytherin. Maybe at that time Deirdre did not posessed Slytherin qualities, but she acquired them later.
• The next year Deirdre qualified for playing in the Slytherin team, though another two years she was an alternate player. In her 4th year she played on the primary line-up. When he had the chance Deirdre's father came to her match.
• The first reprimand was received for fighting with two students of Gryffindor. She broke one guy's arm, cracked five ribs on somebody else. The second reprimand was received for flying at night.
• In her 5th year Greta was gravelly ill. Her already fragile state of health deteriorated and Deirdre was afraid she could die. Deirdre tried to behave as a good girl, so as not to upset mother. She even passed the exam in Potions and could choose this discipline in the coming year. At this time Deirdre fell out with her cousin, who said that Greta and her daughter were useless and couldn't do anything.
• A year later her owl died and grandfather gave Deirdre a cat (Norwegian forest). She called it "Nora".
• Now Deirdre is trying to prepare for he finals and playing Quidditch. The recent accident with student of Slytherin makes her be more serious than before.


Deirdre is ambitious. She thinks she deserves better.
Deirdre likes attention. She's just a proud woman who likes to shock public opinion: that's why she is beater in Quidditch, that's why she fights with guys since coming to Hogwarts, that's why she has two reprimands in her 7th year and she risks being excluded. She's not a fool, perhaps, she's a little bit sly, but people don't notice it, because she seems very sincere in her rudeness and wildness.
Deirdre has a heart of stone. She hates pity, she's tough, because she believes, that pity and mercy are a sign of weakness. Deirdre is selfish and spoiled. All she cares about is herself as she is an only child and parents love her.
In general, she got rough edges, but she stands her ground, is loyal to her family, reliable friend and defenders for students of Slytherin.


English level:
~ Intermediate

I want to improve my knowledge of English.