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The 3rd generation, the year 2022, autumn. This is NC-17 rated game with episodical system.
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The only impossible journey is the one you never begin

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Martin & Julie Flint, Christen Thomas
Time: the 1st of September
Location: From Platform 9ѕ, King's Cross Station, London, to Hogsmeade station
Description: Every year at Hogwarts starts from the the Hogwarts Express. That is a story of new beginning for three young wizards who happened to share the compartment with each other.



It was a cloudy day and the sky was calling for rain. Julie got up too late and was slow the whole morning. She could barely keep her eyes opened, and if it was any other day she would probably go back to bed, but it was the first day of school. Julie was nodding off during breakfast time and pissed off her mother a bit because she didn't eat anything.
She had packed all her stuff in advance so it didn't take much time to get ready since Julie decided there was no need to do her hair in such a weather - it would get curly anyway. She put on black ripped jeans, a white shirt with golden snitches print and old big heavy boots. Some freckles appeared on her nose during the summer and Julie had to hide them under the powder. At school she usually used a spell against spots on the skin, but she couldn't use her wand out of Hogwarts. It was so irritating to live under the same roof with the brother who could do magic whenever and wherever he wanted only because he was two years older.
- Julie, what have you done to your eyes? You look like a gypsy. Wash it off immediately! I won't have you wearing a black eye-liner at school. Summer is over, it's time to turn your head on, - mother wasn't really so angry as she tried to seem.
- Mum. I'm not five, I can decide what to...
- If you don't wash it away I'll do it. Decide, my dear.
- Fine, - grumbled Julie and went to the bathroom to make herself look more decent.
Father was already in the car waiting for the children to get ready. When Julie came back mother kissed her goodbye and kicked out of the house so that they wouldn't late. Martin occupied the seat next to father so Julie had no other option but sit on the backseat with cages and bags. Meron, her brother's owl wasn't really friendy and tried to bite her on the way to the station.



The first day of school has always been a good day for Martin. He could get away from his parents and sister’s constant gazing. He didn’t hate them or anything, but he would rather be left alone with his thoughts and plans than speak to them. His sister was always annoying so it was a blessing they weren’t in the same house. His suitcase was ready and already waiting in the car. The only things Martin still had to pack were his chessboard and his owl Meron. He was out hunting during the night and he still wasn’t back. But there was still time, Martin had woken early today. Martin put on his black pants and a t-shirt and went downstairs for breakfast. His mother was already up cooking some fried eggs. Julie was still in bed like always so his mom started preparing the breakfast for Martin first.
“Morning, mom.”
“Good morning, sweetheart. Did you sleep well?”
“Is your suitcase ready?”
“Yup. Already in the car. Just waiting for Meron.”

Martin liked to unlock the car and make his things float inside the night before. He knew he didn’t have to do that since he always had time in the morning but it pissed off his sister so he was happy. Julie was jealous she couldn’t use magic outside the school and he could. So Martin would do anything to rub it in as much as possible. One day he used his want to make the last piece of cake float over to him in front of Julie’s eyes. It was double satisfaction. Still, those were only games.
Soon after breakfast, Martin heard a knock in the window and knew Meron was back. He wasted no time to open the window and get the owl back in his cage and in the car. Julie managed to wake up a bit earlier and they were ready to go. Martin took the front seat, next to his father because the back sit was full of luggage and he didn’t want to stay there. Soon he would be back in his armchair, in the Slytherin common room, and he wouldn’t have to speak or pay attention to anybody.



Christen's summer was fantastic, with its as good as it could be in England weather, her own pretty big room, an opportunity to wake up at any time you want and muggle cinema which was getting better and better every year. Chris also kinda liked to live almost without magic. Well, without using magic herself because she lived in a wizard family and her parents casted spells, like, every second. But she did her hair and everything not with spells but with her hands and, okay, a couple of potions. And she washed dishes with her hands! That part was not so beautiful but if not count it summer was great.

But everything great ends. Summer ended as well and Chris had to go back to school. She remembered how a year ago she looked forward to going to Hogwarts because of friends and stuff but now freedom became more important for her and she understood that school is not fun. Yes, friends are still there and without a diploma she won't be able to get a good job... but when you are sixteen you can do everything! You are young and ambitious and wanna take over the world or become a pirate! Or become a pirate and as a pirate take over the world! But no, you should listen to boring teachers, spend time doing homeworks, playing games and chatting instead of changing world.

'Bye, mum, bye, dad. Yes, I'll write you. Yeas, twice a week. I swear! Bye!', Chris kissed and hugged parents, put her trunk on the trolley and crossed barrier between platforms nine and ten. Cool girls don't show up on the station with their parents.

On the station Chris saw some friends, chatted with them but the one friend she was looking for wasn't there. Chris hoped that Julie will show up soon and they will travel together. She had so much to tell!

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You are here » IMPERIO » personal episodes » The only impossible journey is the one you never begin

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