Alex Pettyfer

SCORPIUS MALFOY,  16 [14.04.2006]▼
Bloodline:  Pureblood
House and Year:  Slytherin'6
Magical stuff:
Wand: Cedar, Dragon, 12
Family Ring-Portal. If he is in the Magic Britain, he could 'teleport' there any time. For example, if his wand was broken and he needs to run.
Magic necklace, father's present. It protects his owner from basic and some of medium blessings.
His (great) family traditionally collects a lot of interesting, dark and not only, magical artefacts the same with a large (extra-large!) library. But Scorpios doesn't have access to some of them or if there is no need to use them. He tries to defend himself by his own. Only reads books.


1. He was, is and forever will be Malfoy. This fact mainly predicts a lot of decisions made in his life. He has a great history, blood glory and... a really, really bad (awful!) reputation. Voldemort with Death Eaters (twice!) in the past; internal family conflict regarding his ideology and education, misunderstanding of parents by a huge part of the magic society... well, it is really hard to grow up as a personality in such circumstances; good, loyal and strong personality. But Scorpius (mostly) did it, because he is Malfoy, and has no choice.
2. Thanks to his parents, Scorpius is pretty tolerant. But, thanks to his grandparents, not enough tolerant to marry a non-pureblood witch.
3. He is a bit (no) introvert. Primary because of his family's history and strange (stupid!) rumours about his kinship with Dark Lord. That makes him mad and unfortunate, influencing him a lot. He only tries to ignore this bad luck and a lack of brains... in some individuals.
4. Despite that, Scorpius is proud. He is able to keep himself quite, 'clean', can open his heard and soul to others, if they are friendly and smart enough to ignore all rumours regarding his person.
5. He dreams to become an Auror and this desire fits his interests and abilities. By the way, a honour pupil.
6. No prejudices regarding Hogwarts Houses, but agrees, that there are some real special characteristics for each of it.
7. He is afraid of snakes. Not because they are dreadful, but because trembles to began speck in Parseltongue one day. You understand, what does it mean, right?
8. He is a good Quidditch player, like his father.
9. His family is the major priority and the main value in his life. Hereditary. Even if Scorpius sometimes quarrels with them.
10. Malfoy can be passive-aggressive and short-tempered. Such a behaviour usually appears due to (stupid!) rumours, or is caused by irritation.
11. Persistent, hardworking, inquisitive.
12. He is able to defend himself by words and in duels (pretty good and effective, by the way). Scorpius just haven't any other options.
13. Scorpius has some problems with self-esteem. Values himself (he still is Malfoy), but doesn't understand why (and for what) society used to blame him and what's a problem of his family.
14. Sceptic and evidence-oriented by nature. He will not believe in unrealistic theories until see (experience) it by his own.
15. Well-educated. Aristocrat.


Age:   23
English level:  IELTS 6.5 [writing]

Just to have some fun. In English. (: