lucy boynton

House and Year:
Magical Strength:
Good at Flying, Ghoul Studies and Care of Magical Creatures.
Magical Weakness:
Not so great at all other subjects, especially Charms and Transfiguration since her wand often fails her.
Magical stuff:
Wand: Red Oak, Unicorn, 10.
Broomstick, spellotape, omnioculars, auto-answer quill, self-shuffling playing cards.


Julie is the youngest child of the family and, as she usually says, the prettiest one. She was born in Northern Ireland when her father got a contract with the Ballycastle Bats. Unfortunately for her mother, though, it was the year when she finished her Quidditch career. Julie and her elder brother spent their entire childhood at Quidditch matches so they had only two options - they could either madly love Quidditch or hate it. And they both chose the former. Maybe it was the matter of nurture, maybe - of nature, but the Flints were really good at sports and had a really good chance to start another Quidditch dynasty.
Julie was sorted to Gryffindor which surprised a bit her father, but was quite predictable for her mother. Katie Flint (Bell) always knew that the daughter unlike the son belonged more to Griffindor than Slytherin. Julie was never a good student and, to be honest, never tried to be a good one, so her grades were not so great. Luckily for her the parents were not interested in grades at all, maybe because they weren't big on studies either in their school years. And despite the fact that Julie is the oldest student of her year as she has a birthday in the beginning of September, she is definitely not the cleverest one.
Julie started to play for the Gryffindor Quidditch team when she was in her 3rd year, but she also tried to enter the team earlier and failed. The main reason was that she was not tall enough at 12-13 and the captain decided that she was too weak to play against solid muscles beaters of other teams.
Last year Julie was really close to be expelled from the school. She bullied a girl from her own house and almost drove her to suicide. If you asked Julie she would say it wasn't her fault and she was a sword of justice because the girl was a mad bitch and everybody knew that. But even those who agreed with Flint some time ago changed their mind when the girl tried to poison herself. It's good that she was all thumbs at poitions and got off with a stomachache.
Julie is not ashamed of what she did, because she never tried to make any real harm to the girl, and if she wanted she could beat her up. Now the story of the victim of "a bullying kill" makes her angry, because she is pretty sure the girl is showing off - it's not so difficult to kill oneself if one really wants it.
Maybe Julie doesn't think very highly of people, but as for animals she is crazy about them. She has a cat at school and two dogs at home. One of the dogs is almost as old as Julie herself. When she was a kid it was her best friend, and Julie was very disappointed to find out that dogs are not allowed at Hogwarts.


She is not a true Gryffindor or, at least, she never considered herself as a perfect student from the lion’s house. Julie doesn’t understand the feelings of others and she is definitely not the one who always thinks of others before herself. She would surely help a friend in trouble, but nothing can stop her from making bitchy comments if she has something to say.
She has a strong wish to get what she wants and if somebody gets in her way she can be extremely unfriendly. Maybe that is what makes her a good Quidditch player, there is no room for gentleness and kindness in sports. And she is rough on the field and in life, but she respects the rules of fair-play not only in the game.
You can't say Julie is the heart and soul of the company. She is a bit bottled-up and doesn’t dwell on her successes and failures even with friends, and she doesn’t like others’ boasting or complaining. Some people could say she is bad tempered and maybe they could be right, but Julie believes that everything is fine with her temper, she is just more down-to-earth than the majority and doesn’t think of people better than they deserve.
You might be wondering how the hell she managed to get to Gryffindor if she is such a self-serving person? It's easy to understand if you know Julie a bit better. She is stupid enough to be called a brave girl. Her courage became a problem for her parents when she was a child because a kid that has no fear is not easy to control, then, when she got older, it led to many injuries on the field. She was always a Tomboy and prefered boys as friends, but the older she becomes the more girly she behaves.


English level:
How long have you been learning English?
For 5 years.

To try smth new.