IMPERIO is a half-entertaining/half-educational FRPG based on the famous series of Harry Potter books written by J.K. Rowling. All rights belong to the author. We do not claim any ownership of the characters or settings contained within. The language of the RPG is English and we expect our members to speak or at least to try to speak English. We create an opportunity for those who want to learn the language to learn playing and to play learning.
The 3rd generation, the year 2022, autumn. This is NC-17 rated game with episodical system.
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Time to say goodbye

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If you want to leave us or to take a break, please, inform us so that we could know that everything is okay with you.



Guys, i have a problem in real, so i take a breack on two days. Chris, please forgive me(( When I come, the first thing I'll do is write a post for you!



Madison Wood
We are waiting for you )
Good luck!



Going on vacation till November 19th.



Eliot Ford
Have a nice time!



I'm very sorry, but it's a really time to say goodbye. I have some trouble in a real-life and don't have time to play on forum((
You are awesome, and when (if) i will have more time, i will come to the forum again as Maddy or another person (if she will be occupied).
And i want to say thanks to all of you! you are a really cool! And please forgive me(( I'm really very uncomfortable that everything happens that way. =\
Live long and prosper!



Madison Wood
I'm not going to delete your profile right now. We are waiting for you anyway. I hope everything will be fine in your real life! Good luck )


You are here » IMPERIO » development » Time to say goodbye

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