IMPERIO is a half-entertaining/half-educational FRPG based on the famous series of Harry Potter books written by J.K. Rowling. All rights belong to the author. We do not claim any ownership of the characters or settings contained within. The language of the RPG is English and we expect our members to speak or at least to try to speak English. We create an opportunity for those who want to learn the language to learn playing and to play learning.
The 3rd generation, the year 2022, autumn. This is NC-17 rated game with episodical system.
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If you are looking for someone special this topic is for you. Fill the form below and let your future partner find you.
If you are looking for a role you can be sure that you'll be needed if you take one of these wanted characters.

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Rose Granger-Weasley, 16▼
Lena Katina


Well... I know, that we are a little bit (no) different persons, but I don't see anything bad in this fact. More than that, I have some kind of interest in you and even try not to be too aggressive. Don't think that our grandparent will be happy about it, but our way of communication is pretty... specific. Attractive, interesting, represents a contrast. By the way, you have a nice brother, so, like you or not, but you and I have to communicate somehow. Deal wit it. I'll pass all exams better than you, ha-a.

Just look!




cierra ramirez


Christen is a Gryffindor student in her 6th year. She is the daughter of Dean Thomas, who was a chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch team in 1996-1997. Unlike the father she has never been a benchwarmer, and got her place in the team on the first try. She started as a Seeker, but now plays on the Beater position. Her nickname is Bludger and it isn't difficult to understand why as you see how she handles the bat. She is a hard player and can easily put out of action other teams' members without breaking the rules.
She is halfblood like both her parents. She is close to them, but always was quite independent and rowdy. As a child she was a real pain in the neck for her parents, but they were advocates of the liberal upbringing so never tried to limit her freedom since they believed that she must learn from her own mistakes.
Christen and Julie became good friends on the field. They understand each other without words. Maybe because they are both tomboys or because other girls usually make them sick. They want to enter the same Quidditch team after graduation, ideally, the Holyhead Harpies, but for beginning any team playing in the British and Irish Quidditch League would be fine.



any blond girl to your preference


Hi little sis. How old are you now? Sixteen? When did this happened? I remember you being this moody toddler, sitting in the corner crying her eyes out and in the next minute bursting in laughter as if nothing could have ever sadden you. I remember you growing up to this kind, gentle person, with a smile that could lighten up the most cloudy day and with a genuine warm soul. Don't get me wrong, you're a definition of a pain in the ass. You're stubborn and emotional and sometimes definitely crazy, but you're my sister and I will always see the best in you.

Here is something for you to know about me and you:

His great grandfather has emigrated from England with his family of five in the early XX century and since then the Ford bloodline became one of the most respected families of wizards on the east coast. His father had three children with Eliot being the eldest, having a sister and a baby-brother. His mother also had a daughter from a previous marriage who had past away to an illness when Eliot was six.

Being obnoxiously overbored with this supremacy (superiority to non-wizard humans) has been always punished by his parents for all of their children and no misogyny that thrived upon Great Britain was allowed among Ford family. Nevertheless, purity of blood still remained a thing. It was highly believed that washing it up with people who could not use magic would terribly affect future generation's skills in sorcery and has always been a strict no in any circumstances.

When Eliot was fifteen, his family returned to the motherland after his grandparents had tragically passed away. Already in England his mother gave birth to his sister and three years later to his younger brother.

After graduating Hogwarts he applied to the Auror duty and after he passed the tests, began his active service. It was not exactly what every young man had dreamed of, but it was close, and when his father passed away when Eliot was 25, he found himself being the provider for the family.

When his mother died in a fire with his brother inside, it was a wake-up call. His sister have been in Hogwarts at the time and therefore remained the only family member he had left. Eliot swore to protect her and from that moment never left her side: he visited her in school using his Auror status, he took her in on every holiday, he tried his best to be there for her. He attended every parent-teacher conference, donated considerable amount of time and money to her education, vouched for her and gave her hell when she was messing up. He became not only a brother, but a father, a friend and a counselor for his little sister.
Now, when she's almost a grown-up woman, in her finishing school years, Eliot still keeps an eye on her, even though she does't realize how much he's doing for her yet. When the rumors of suspicious events occurring in Hogwarts flew to the Aurors, he asked for permission to infiltrate the institution and teach a class there. He had a nasty feeling something bad is going to happen and he was not up to let it to involve his little sister in it.



Natalia Dyer


Camilla is 6th year Ravenclaw student, Theodor Nott's daughter or niece, prefect, best student in her year and perfect in every way. That's why she's Christen's main enemy. She's too good, too right, never does anything wrong. That's just unnatural and irritating. Also Camilla loves animals, especially cats and Chris fears cats for some reason and thinks that Camilla drags stray cats into the castle specifically to make her feel bad. Camilla and Christen's relationship becomes worse every year because they are too different and become more and more different and everyone feels that epic Nott vs Thomas battle is coming.

p.s. If you watched Stranger Things, Camilla is kinda like Nancy Wheeler. Also she may be religious.

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Kimberly Wood, 18▼
Alexandra Daddario


You're my twin-sister. And i love you so. And i hope, that you love me too))
Your character, hobbies, faculty and other - at your discretion. What is unchanged:
- that we are strong family (we love our parents and our little brother Ryan and, of course, each orther);
- that our parents are Oliver Wood and Variannah Harper. Oliver is coach for Puddlemere United's team. Variannah is housewife;
- that we were spend all our childhood together.
All  information about Maddy you can read in my applecation - Madison Wood, G'7 (accepted) : )
I wrote, that Kim love quidditch too, but that's can be changed. Also, you can change face and name (but not age). Oh, and this changes is better discuss with me : )




Any, 18+▼
tom holland, dilan o'brien, boyd holbrook, someone else


To be honest, i don't know, what i want. I have many of ideas, but don't know, what would be the best. So, i propose you to come here and discuss character with me  : )
Oh, and yes - this character to pair.))

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